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Scavenger Hunt Saturday

Over the past several months, I have been participating in a group on Facebook, called “What Did You Shoot Today?”  This group is designed to provide challenges and an outlet for photography.  We have weekly challenges, sometimes weekend challenges, but it is really just a place that you can post your best photos (up to five a day, per the rules) so that people can hopefully be inspired by the pictures you take and likewise be inspired by what someone else displays.  Currently, there is an ongoing scavenger hunt, and this is a summary of how I decided to handle this challenge.

The scavenger hunt provides a list of nine things to search for and photograph.  The items are:

  • Something with a tail
  • An ice cream cone
  • A smile
  • Something made of wood
  • A set of three
  • Something old
  • Stacked objects
  • Something orange and
  • A rainbow

Since my wife is out of town this weekend for her sister’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Jennifer!), I thought it might be fun to take the girls out and have them photograph these things as well.  This post will address the photos I took today.  I will post the girls’ pictures hopefully a little later this weekend.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find every item on the list, but there is still time before the challenge closes.

Something with a tail


I was able to capture these birds and the rabbit in our own backyard before we ever left.  Since we put our bird feeder in the backyard, it has been great to see the variety of birds and their actions.  We have learned a lot about the birds by watching them and also learning to identify some by their calls.  Some are downright comical in how they act.  Of course, with any party, you have to deal with the riff raff, as the grackles and starlings like to come in and take their due.

A smile

Incredibly Excited Cheese 'n' "Ham"


Try as I might, this little girl was way more interested in getting her picture taken than taking pictures.  She did attempt to take some pictures, and she was so excited when she pushed the little button on the camera and something appeared on the back of the camera.  However, she become a little less enthusiastic when she had to keep turning the camera on after sleep mode engaged.  She felt it was a much better use of her time to bounce the camera on the rock where she was sitting.  Good thing this is an old camera that is already way past its prime.

A set of three

Set of Three Triad Bloom


Our shooting location for the day was the Bicentennial Garden in Greensboro, NC.  These flowers presented a nice bunch of three each to share in our adventures.  I am still learning the names of different flowers.  I am pretty sure the white/red/orange flower is a variety of rhododendron.  The blue flowers, I am not so sure about.  If you are able to identify it, please leave me a message in the comments.  I will update here and give credit to you for helping to identify it (sorry, this is a very low-budget operation, kudos for helping out is about all I can afford for now!).

Stacked objects

Stacked Logs Stacked wall

Here we have a stack of firewood that is near the museum located at the bog garden.  The stone work is the stone wall at the entrance to the gardens near the welcome station.

Something Orange

Orange DreamsicleThese pansies are located on the opposite side of the walking path you see in the photo of the stone wall above.  They have several colors of pansies scattered all across the gardens and they were in full bloom today.





An ice cream cone (and smile for good measure!)

Fitting End to Scavenger Hunt DayFinally, after all the pictures today, we came home and grilled hot dogs and ice cream cones for dessert to finish out our work on the scavenger hunt today.  As of now, the girls are fast asleep in their bed.  I think we actually wore them out with all of this fun today.






Please enjoy some other pictures taken today that were not part of the hunt!

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